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Why Custom Fangs by Custom Fangz?

“The Best Custom Fangs For Halloween”

Halloween is just around the corner and you may be looking for some realistic looking fangs for your Halloween costume this year. At Custom Fangz we have a wide range of fangs to suit every single type of costume. It is important to invest a little more money in good quality fangs because cheap ones will not last and will make you very uncomfortable.

Why get custom fangs for Halloween?

You may have already had a bad experience with low quality Halloween fangs. Many of these packs come with a cheap putty which does not hold in your mouth. Meaning that your fangs will simply fall out, leaving you with a less than desirable result! A vampire costume with no fangs looks very ineffective. Therefore you want your Halloween fangs to stay in your mouth for the entire duration of the party.

The second reason you may want better quality fangs is that many of the cheap ones, all look the same. They do not cater for the vast styles of fangs that are needed for Halloween costumes or cosplays. Let's face it, vampires and other creatures of the night all have very different nashers. You could never wear vampyric fangs if you were dressing up as a werewolf and vice versa. Let's look at some of the most popular styles of fangs as Custom Fangz to get a better example:

Classic Vampire Fangs:

When you think of fangs, these are probably the ones that your envision the most. These classic vampire fangs are a popular choice for those who want a recognizable look. Think of the most famous horror films and you will find vampires, demons and other night creatures featuring these classic fangs.

True Blood Fangs:

True Blood took the television by storm and vampire lovers everywhere grew to adore the story and characters in the show. There was one aspect of the show that many people noticed: the fangs of the vampires were not classic vampire fangs. In fact, the fangs were one step closer to the two front teeth than classic designs. This look has become popular with those trying to recreate the True Blood vampire fangs. That is why we sell a kit that can achieve this look in store.

Piranha Fangs:

The piranha fangs are a great example of what custom fangs can achieve for you. Piranha fangs are not like any cheap replicas that you find in the shops. In fact, these piranha fangs are some of the most unique custom fangs that you will find. Each tooth has a double fang instead of a single which creates an aggressive look.

For more examples of custom fangs for Halloween, go and visit our collection on site today. Low prices for the most realistic looking fangs available online today.


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